Game closed during a run! Why?

If the game crashed during a run, it might be because your device ran out of virtual memory (RAM) while playing. The longer time you run, the more resources the game requires. This increases the risk of running low on memory. A crash of this type is typically found on low-end and older devices.

There are a few things you can do to prevent the game from crashing. To free up resources it is usually a good idea to:

  • Close all apps running in the background
  • Turn your device off and on again


On iOS, apps can be closed by:
  1. Double-tapping the Home button on your device
  2. Swipe any open app up/to the side


On Android, apps can be closed by:
  1. Tapping the button on the bottom right of the front screen (note, on some devices you have to tap the left button)
  2. Swipe any open app to the side

It can also be a good idea to clear the cache in Subway Surfers. This can usually be done this way:

  • Open device Settings
  • Tap on 'Apps'
  • Find Subway Surfers and tap to open
  • Tap on 'Storage'
  • Choose 'Clear Cache'
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