I lost my progress! How do I get it back?

It is unfortunate you have lost your progress in Subway Surfers. If you have previously used Online Save to save your progress, it can be restored by reconnecting to Online Save using the same Google or Game Center account. We strongly advise users to do whatever they can to keep their progress safe by using the features provided in the game. If you were not connected to Online Save before your progress was lost, we are, unfortunately, not able to restore your progress.

Be aware that Online Save can only sync progress to devices using the same operating system (Android to Android and iOS to iOS). At the moment, it is not possible to transfer progress from an Android device to an iOS device or the other way around.

Note that Online Save is currently not available on Kindle devices which means there is no official way of transferring or backing up progress on Kindle.

Otherwise, you can restore your permanent real money purchases (Double Coins, Characters and Boards bought for real money). To do so, open Subway Surfers > go to the ‘Shop’ menu > tap on ‘Store’ > swipe all the way down and use the orange "Restore purchases" button. Make sure to be logged in with the same account the purchase was made in.

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