Videos don't double my rewards

You might experience that a video plays fully through but doesn't double your reward, or that the video somehow fails while playing.

If the video plays through without error, make sure you are aware of the process for doubling rewards. Below is an example for doubling 500 Coins won in a Mystery Box:

  1. You open the Mystery Box and win 500 Coins
  2. 500 Coins are added to your total amount
  3. Now you watch a video to double your reward
  4. 500 extra Coins are added to your total amount

This means that you are rewarded the first 500 Coins before watching the video and the last 500 Coins afterward. In total, you will have been rewarded 1,000 Coins.

If you experience that an ad fails, for example by freezing, showing a black/white screen or similar issues, we will have to investigate the issue further. We will try to locate the ad and the provider of the ad.

To do that, it would be a great help if you could do the following:

  1. Take a screenshot of the video ad (if possible)
  2. Right after seeing the ad, open the 'Settings' menu in Subway Surfers (if it has been necessary to close the game, do this as the first thing when you open it again)
  3. Tap three times on the version number in the lower right corner
  4. Tap 'Copy Text' (the text gets copied to the clipboard on your device)
  5. Paste the information to an email and attach the screenshot
  6. Send the email to

The Kiloo Support team will then investigate the issue and get back to you.

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